"I Do." Two simple words that have so much meaning. Months of planning does into these two words. Promising to you almost spouse that you will love them forever, in sickness and health. You meet with dozens of potential companies who might provide you with some kind of service. Don't go with an untrustworthy company. Choose Limo Greensboro to drive for your wedding. We can drive the wedding party to all their destinations to take photos or the ceremony. Or we can take the guests to the ceremony and the reception. If there are a bunch of guests staying in a hotel or the locations are hard to find, having a limo bus will ensure that all your guests so show on time and safe.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

With a wedding coming up, that means that it's time for one of the most favorited tradition, a bachelor or bachelorette party. These are usually thrown by the wedding party of the groom and/or bride. It's a time where the bride and groom get to party and celebrate the single life one last time before walking down the aisle. The party is usually something the bride or groom likes to do. You wouldn't take the bride-to-be golfing if that's something she doesn't like to do. Our buses and drivers are guaranteed to have your party a success. Everyone will be able to drink and enjoy themselves while the driver takes care of the driving. No drinking and driving will have to happen.

Birthday Parties

There's nothing like celebrating another year of life. Whether you are turning, 16, 21, 40, or 80. Birthdays celebrate you and it should be a great time. There are many different things you can for a birthday party. Restaurants, clubs, bars, painting classes, camping, casino, and more. It's really what ever you feel like doing. Having a limo bus will allow for all the guests to travel together, no one gets left out. Also, everyone can drink without the worry of drunk driving or someone being the designated driver. A limo bus is also like a club on wheels. With color changing lights, booming stereos and dance poles, you'll feel like you are at the clubs already.

Nights Out

Feeling stressed? Been couped up in the house or at work too long? Then you need a night out! A night out will give you the chance to sit back, relax and let go of the stress. There are many options as to what you can do. Some popular ones are going bar hoping or club hoping. You can discover new places around and find ones you like and don't like. You can try drinks specials and find places that serve alcohol for cheap. The best thing about have a limo bus for your night out is that fact that you can drink. You can drink as much as you want. You don't have to worry about finding a ride home or a taxi. The driver will get everyone where they need to safely.