As you may have noticed, we don't list any actual prices. That's because our prices are always changing due to many factors and it would be impossible to always change them on our site. To avoid any confusion, we would like you to call us to get your free quote. Just because we don't have our prices listed, doesn't mean we can't give you any tips to save money.

If you are looking to save the most money, try booking your limo bus for a weekday {Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Those days are the cheapest. If you want your event on the weekend, Friday and Sunday are less expensive than Saturday is. Saturday is our most demanded and expensive day. Just remember, you can also split the price of the bus between all the guests so that it doesn't feel too expensive. For example, $30 a person is way better than $900 for one person.

It is best to call for your reservation as soon as possible. If we had to put a time frame on it, we would say about two weeks. There are times where we book up months in advanced. Those times are usually wedding and prom seasons. Two weeks should be good so that you can get the size bus you want. If you do call last minute for a bus, we will still try to accommodate you. If we have an open vehicle we would be happy to provide you service, we'll just need a little time to get a driver ready.

When you are ready to get your free quote or to book your reservation, all you have to do is give us a call! We have booking agents who are always available to help you. When booking your reservation, you'll just have to provide some information, like: Name, phone number, email, date of service, time of service, number of passengers, pick up/drop off locations, locations your visiting, and credit/debit card. If you're traveling to another area, we can even point you to resources on Party Bus Chicago Cost. After we have all that and a deposit, you are officially booked and will have a limo bus at your requested time of service. You're only a phone call away for a great night out!